How do you know when your disposable vape pen is empty

When you are smoking a one-use cigarette, if you feel that the smoke is boring. Or your mouth is very dry. Or you feel a very choking smell, it means that the e-smoke has no oil. And it will not be able to smoke. When smoke comes out, the atomizer core will also burn out. It recommended that you replace it in time.

The design of one-use smokes fully considers the humanized design. Because the e-liquid and battery cannot be replace by itself. The factory design of it is that the smoke is use up, and the power is still have.

So, how long can it smoked?

It on the market can smoke about 200-500 puffs. Which is equivalent to 2-3 packs of cigarettes, and each person’s smoking frequency is different. If the frequency is high, the time used is quite short. An general smokes can take about 15 puffs. It is recommend that users smoke 14-16 puffs and stop smoking for half an hour before smoking e-smokes.

So, how to choose disposable electronic cigarettes?

1. Smoke output. The structure design of it, air intake, air flow channel. Its excellent design can ensure a large amount of smoke. And secondly, it can ensure a stable amount of smoke.

2. The pros and cons of the atomizer. The function of the atomizer is atomization, which is the core component of it. An excellent electronic cigarette must have an excellent atomizer guarantee.

3. The length of battery life. The battery connected to the atomizer, and the atomization of liquid requires a lot of energy. So the length of the battery life is a measure of whether it is excellent.

Fourth, the appearance of the electronic cigarette. A good product has a refreshing appearance, rigorous design, and exquisite workmanship. Which can give people a pleasant feeling and help successfully quit smoking.

In recent years, as people pay more and more attention to their health. More and more smokers have begun to join the people who quit smoking. In the process of quitting smoking, many people have tried various different ways to quit smoking. But At present, replacing smokes with electronic is a relatively effective way to quit smoking. One-time smokes do not need to be charge, and do not need to replace the cartridges. Because of the completely closed design, the operation links such as charging and replacing the cartridges are reduce. Which also reduces the occurrence of faults. The circuit failures and liquid leakage that are difficult to solve for rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Such problems have been completely solve here in disposable electronic cigarettes. It is precisely because of the convenience of disposable electronic cigarettes. That they are becoming more and more popular and sought after by people.